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THE LANDMAN aka Manny Diaz

Salton City, West Shore

As a refugee from Communist Cuba, Manny Diaz
has spent his entire life in hot pursuit of
the American Dream. While as an executive for
the McDonald's Corporation in the 70's, he
helped develop the first fast food restaurant in
the hippie mecca of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District. He eventually became a land developer in Northern California and Hawaii, where he made and lost his fortune several times.

When he first saw the Salton Sea, he was determined he could rejuvenate the area and turn a profit, despite its horrible reputation in the land business. Rather than build houses for wealthy retirees, Manny decided to focus on selling empty lots to the working class Hispanic and Filipino markets of Southern California. In an effort to attract attention, he turned to television ads and eventually developed the character of "The Landman," based on a hybrid of Ronald McDonald and the Los Angeles deejay "The Poorman." Although most developers market the beauty of the Sea, the Landman focuses on the cheap land and the fantastic fishing.

Just remember, you don't have to be rich to own a piece of California - "See The Landman!"