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HUNKY DADDY aka Laszlo Oros

Bombay Beach, East Shore

As a heroic "freedom fighter" in the brief
1956 Hungarian Revolution, Hunky Daddy was
forced to escape Hungary after the Soviet
invasion. With the help of the CIA, he
immigrated to New York and eventually moved to
Los Angeles.

He started coming to the Sea for weekend trips while he worked as a stagehand with several other Hunkys (Hungarians) at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. He eventually retired and moved full-time to Bombay Beach.

During the heydays at the Sea, Bombay Beach became a refuge for numerous Hungarian Revolutionary "56ers" and their families. Life would center around "The Waterfront," a beachfront bar owned by Hunky Daddy's late friend Hunky Frank (who is the father of Gaston's Cafe waitress Eva Worthy.) However, as the years have gone by, rising water from the Sea flooded "The Waterfront" and most of the Hungarian community has passed away in recent years. Hunky Daddy is known as the unofficial mayor of Bombay Beach.

Hunky Daddy can usually be found drinking a cold Milwaukee's Best beer in front of his house at sunset.

He prefers the dark meat.