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Bombay Beach, East Shore

Growing up on the dangerous streets of El
Centro, California, Lechon moved to Bombay
Beach to live with her aunt, after her mom
was killed by her boyfriend.

After discovering that she was pregnant, she decided to stay in Bombay and raise her son away from the gang violence of El Centro and Los Angeles. However, as an African-American single mother in a town of mostly White retired senior citizens, it has been difficult to integrate into this small desert community.

In order to make extra money, she helps many of the older residents with difficult tasks that they are unable to do for themselves. As a result, she has become a treasured member of the community. But having older friends can be difficult, as many of her dear friends have passed away over the years.

Although most younger residents are stuck between a small government assistance check and oppressive landlords, Lechon recently managed to buy her own home.

As for her sister Evelyn, she apparently moved to Brawley, got married, and found Jesus.