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Salton Sea State Recreation Area, North Shore

After serving as a park ranger for several
California state parks, Steve was stationed
as a superintendent of the Salton Sea area
in 1992. He quickly educated himself in all
aspects of the biology, history, and environ-
mental issues surrounding the Sea. This job was unlike many of his other posts, in that he would serve more as a spokesman and defender of the Sea, rather than focusing on the duties of a typical park ranger.

He has traveled extensively, doing all that he can to correct the numerous misperceptions that the outside world often has of the Salton Sea. He has written the booklet Salton Sea 101, which provides a fact based analysis of the problems facing the Sea. Steve has also worked with his friend, Norm Niver, to help restore the Salton Sea to its former glory.

After attracting considerable attention to the cause of the Sea, the California Park Service suddenly offered Steve a promotion that he couldn't refuse. Despite his love for the area, he was relocated to a park in the redwoods of Northern California. He has since been replaced by a less outspoken ranger.

Many residents claim this was a government conspiracy to get rid of one of the Sea's greatest advocates.