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Salton City, West Shore

Having grown up in Palm Springs, Norm was
originally interested in studying to become
a park ranger at the Salton Sea. However
with the advent of stereo technology, he
started installing speaker technology for home
audio systems. He was also a successful touring
bass player, and even played several times at the Salton Bay Yacht Club in Salton City.

He eventually retired and moved full-time to Salton City, where he purchased a beachfront home. Although he still owns a house in the Palm Springs area, he chooses to spend the majority of his time on the beautiful shores of the Salton Sea, fishing and eating Salton Sea sushi.

Norm, along with friend Steve Horvitz, is a major advocate to restore the Salton Sea. He is president of the West Shores Chamber of Commerce, as well as a member of the Imperial County Planning Commission.

When people question the safety of the Salton Sea, Norm will gladly drink a glass of the briny water. However, his preferred drink is a fine martini.

He always has 2 daily at five o'clock.