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Highway 22, outside Salton City, West Shore

Originally from Minnesota, Donald first saw
the Salton Sea while stationed as a solider
in nearby Thermal during World War II. He
fondly recalls that he used to swim in the
Sea, and that it wasn't as salty as today.

After a bitter divorce, Donald joined a nudist colony near some hot springs just west of Salton City. When the colony closed, Donald moved north to the town of Indio.

Determined to spread his gospel of love and nudity, Donald began making daily trips south to a vehicle turnoff at the western entrance of the Imperial Valley. He would stand naked, wave at passing motorists, and discuss the virtues of a nudist life with anyone that would listen. Some would give him "the finger," but Donald just considered it an "L" for love. After being reported to the sheriff several times, Donald was eventually forced to wear shorts.

His message was that people should simply love each other, and that it doesn't matter what one looks like or wears on the outside. His lifelong dream was to stand naked at an open session of the United Nations.

Donald died in 2005, yet his message of love lives on.