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Director, Editor

Jeff Springer was born in an abandoned town in the California desert, raised in Hawaii, and educated at USC Film School. After living for a winter in Russia, he returned to Los Angeles and began directing music videos and shorts, as well as editing for Fox, the WB, UPN, Lucasfilm, Capitol, and Geffen Records. Burned out and hungover on WWF and bad R&B, he fled to San Francisco to start work on the feature documentary PLAGUES & PLEASURES ON THE SALTON SEA with co-director Chris Metzler. After weeks in the desert and a couple of burnt cameras, the film went on to win 37 awards for Best Documentary and premiered on the Sundance Channel.

Currently, he is finishing editing EVERYDAY SUNSHINE, a feature documentary on the legendary rock-ska-funk band Fishbone. He also frequently directs, shoots and edits short documentaries on off-beat and unexpected subjects for HDNet's World Report with Chris Metzler. It has also been rumored that he experiments with video projections for live performance and theatre, having mixed live imagery for bands such as Friends of Dean Martinez at the Getty Center or for performers at the Crucible's 2009 Fire Arts Festival.

So what did it take to shoot a film under the extreme conditions of the Salton Sea?

Find out with the