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Sound Mixer

Scott Hirsch is a sound designer for film and video, musician, and audio engineer. His sound design, mixing and editing credits include the PBS national documentary "Alcatraz Is Not an Island," and most recently, "Out of The Poison Tree", a feature documentary by award winning director Beth Pielert.

Scott plays multiple instruments with San Francisco bands Hiss Golden Messenger and The Court & Spark, whom he also has recorded three records for. Scott uses a hybrid of analog and digital recording technologies when he composes and records music.

As a Digidesign and Apple certified audio instructor, Scott has led many students down the path to a world of fruitful and productive audio recording. Scott's six years of teaching Pro Tools, Logic, and Reason at BAVC and Pyramind (two Bay Area learning centers) have brought indispensable knowledge and boundless creativity to his students.

Scott is also the author of "Pro Tools 7 - Session Secrets: Professional Recipes for High Octane Results" a Wiley and Sons/Sibex imprint.